Limited Edition Haters Red (Pre-Order) See details
Limited Edition Haters Red (Pre-Order) See details

Limited Edition Haters Red (Pre-Order) See details

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5 Bottle Special
This is the Pre-release for the limited edition Haters Red.

1. These are numbered bottles.
2. "Limited Edition" Labels. (Yes special art exclusive to this drop).
3. Buy 4 get 1 free price.
4. Ships June 26th.
5. Every order will receive at least 1 winner.
6. Prizes Range from $15 - $100 (store credit)
7. This is very limited 1,000 Bottle and will only be for sale until June 30th.

Flavor: Fruit Punch sports drink.

Overview: Stop Haters Red E-juice is based around a popular Fruit Punch sports drink. As soon as you vape this juice, you will be reminded of that particular sports drink. It will leave you feeling very refreshed and your taste buds will be dancing in the end zone with the taste of this e-liquid.

Stop Haters - Red Features:

  • Available nicotine: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg
  • Choice: 100mL Chubby Gorilla Bottle
  • 70% VG - 30% PG
  • Made in USA
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