We have made many changes here at Grand Vapors with many more coming soon.


Old Vs New: We have many Cartoon Character labels (Fun labels) and these are phasing out. As we move forward we are replacing the current "Fun Labels" with the new labels.

150 Flavors: As many have seen over the years we have made well over 300 flavors and we have cut this selection down to 150 flavors and we will always have these 150 flavors available during different times of the year. They are not canceled just simply rotated in and out based on the times of the year they were most popular.

Bottling: We not only bottle for Grand Vapors, we also bottle for several other lines including, Diggy Dre, The Candy Vape, Wooo and a couple others.

Brand Lines: We have shifted a few flavors in to new brands to cut down as many places to look for your favorite flavor. Below is a list of those changes.
Candy Vape: We added 2112 (renamed Blood Moon Rock Star), Green Apple Candy (Exclusives), Lemon Candy (Exclusives) and Punk Bubblegum (Punk).
Devil Juice, Rockstar, & Signature Series: Is now GV Classics. We also added Graham Bee (Exclusives), Janes Addiction (Rock Star), Joe Kool (Rainbow), Old Joe (Rainbow), Pirate Flag (Exclusives), Pirate Parrot (Exclusives).
Ghost Vapors: We added Vape Zombie, Zombie Milk, and Vapenstein (All from Exclusives).
Lemonade Vape: We added Punk Lemonade (Punk).

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